The Enigma of Potentisation. May 23 - 25th, 2014

Want a stronger cup of tea? Leave the bag in longer for more infusion. Want a stronger potentised remedy made from tea? Not only dilute it in repeated stages but do so with rhythmical shaking, and chose your potency carefully. This is the enigma - where less is a path to more. For this reason potentisation is usually dismissed as a joke - and that's the polite opinion. However, the second most popular system of medicine in the world relies on it and biodynamic agriculture uses a version of this process for its preparations.

Possible preparatory reading (Please suggest more)

Anthroposophical Medicine - Rudolf Steiner
Agriculture of Tomorrow - E and L Kolisko
The Basis of Potentisation Research - Rudolf Hauschka
Potenzierte Heilmittel and The Four Ethers - Ernst Marti
Foundations for a Development of Potentisation - Enzo Nastati
Potentisation and the Peripheral Forces in Nature - George Adams
The Memory of Water - Michel Schiff
The problem of Life and Potentisation in Homoeopathy (in Mercury 6) - Ralph Twentyman
Homeopathy for Plants - Yeah Right / Is it Possible? / Potentising and Science - Mark Moodie
Steiner and Homoeopathy - Peter Morrell
Homeopathy: The therapy that dare not speak its name? - Lionel Milgrom