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It is very easy to separate scientists' discoveries from their life experiences and to lose, thereby, their wholeness.

Sandra will present some images and facets drawn from the life and work of the remarkable scientific couple Marie and Pierre Curie. She hopes to suggest that in their time science was crossing a threshold and that a consideration of their lives destinies, the context of their work and their legacy can lead to a deeper understanding of our own times their strivings, dangers and the karma of scientific work

Sandra Moore (formerly Stephen Moore-Bridger) taught science in many Waldorf, special needs and other schools for 38 years. She feels keenly the need to bring about a Goethean harmony between the seemingly conflicting demands of the scientific advancement of learning, the spiritual sense for truth, and personal psychology and feeling. She wishes to promote a sense of resolution of these questions and deeper acquaintance with their being. Sandra is currently a professional astrologer.