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Dr. Manfred Schleyer, born 1961, Essen, Germany. Study of biology with concentration on molecular and microbial biology. Ph. D. with focus on genetics, function and structural aspects of membrane proteins in Osnabrueck, Germany followed by a postdoc work in Karlsruhe. 10 years teacher of biology, chemistry, gardening and informatics mainly in Ulm. Since 2007 at the Institute of Flow Sciences in Institut f├╝r Str├Âmungswissenschaften at Herrischried, Germany. Here he works on water quality and its influence on water living organisms like algae and water fleas. In addition studies of the connection of morphological and developmental processes of living beings in comparison to flow processes of liquids. One of the two heads of the Institute. His lecture will be, "Water and the working of the formative forces in life."